NUMEN - Essentials of a Modern Woman

The modern woman - an idea that stems from the vision of self-determination during late modernity and today, has become closer to its realization than ever.

What are her characteristics though? The modern woman is highly diverse: she is a genius, revolutionary, innovator, critic, inspiration, enthusiast. Now, a timeless, strong, and elegant companion steps to her side, presenting herself just as adaptable in color and as expressive in character, as her wearer.

Nicola Cliemas - NUMEN Bags

NUMEN represents elaborately handcrafted leather bags in clean shapes. A classy, minimalistic design merges with a long-lasting and sustainable production - sophisticated in design, perfect in shape and striking in detail. The architectonic approach covers the entire spectrum of production from the choice of leather, the colors, down to each and every seam. Handcrafted perfection and highest quality materials really do make a difference.

"I want to create products that last and are still loved ten years from now."

NUMEN is a fashion label for grown ups – liberated from any trends and fashion waves. Therefore, after I researched for a bag that effortlessly round off every style and situation in day-to-day life I eventually made the decision in 2018 to found my own company and turn my vision into reality.