NUMEN - Essentials of a Modern Woman

NUMEN threads functionality with aesthetics – detached from trends and fads, NUMEN is the perfect companion for every situation.

“I want to create products that last and will still be loved in ten years.”

Nicola Cliemas - NUMEN Bags

It all began with the search for the ultimate bag that would meet the many challenges of everyday life and fit effortlessly into my wardrobe. A bag that offers space for my laptop as well as for my daily essentials, a bag that combines functionality and aesthetics. What I found on the market did not meet my expectations. So I decided to start my own label and create the bags that would meet my demands for design and quality and make my vision come true.

Inspired and fascinated by inequality in the interplay of shapes that blend into a harmonious look,
I created NUMEN’s unique design.

As a result, timeless, strong and elegant companions emerged, perfectly shaped by striking details, which present themselves as changeable and expressive as their wearers.

A bag is much more than just an everyday object or a fashion statement. It is a perfect companion for every occasion and every look.